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Bongjungsa (Temple)

Bongjunsa ! Master piece of buddhism culru

Bongjeongsa is a Korean Buddhist temple on the slopes of Mountain Cheondeung in Andong-si, North Gyeongsang-do, South Korea. It is a subsidiary temple of Gounsa, the head temple of the 16th branch of Jogye Order.
At 1,650 m²/17,760 ft², Bongjeongsa is the largest temple in Andong, and is the site of the oldest wooden building, Geungnakjeon, in Korea. There are 10 buildings at the main temple and a total of 9 other buildings at Bongjeongsa's two sub temples found to the east and west of the main temple complex.
Bongjeongsa! one thousand year of history !
Bongjeongsa is believed first established by Monk Uisang in 672 during the 12th year of King Munmu of Silla (661-681), however, an inscription found during a restoration of Geu ngnakjeon state that Neungin Daedeok, a disciple of Monk Uisang, established the temple. In 1363 the last major reconstruction took place and in 1625 and 1972, renovations were undertaken.
National Treasure #15
Gogeumdang, a small worship hall, constructed in 1616.

Treasure #55
Daeungjeon is the main temple hall, with stunning original murals, representing building styles of the early Joseon Dynasty era. Notable for the style of pillars, most likely brought from Song China, Daeungjeon incorporates a column-head and curved bracket form.

Treasure #448
Hwaeom Gangdang, a study hall, constructed in 1588 during the mid-Joseon Dynasty.

Treasure #449
Gogeumdang, a small worship hall, constructed in 1616.