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Hahoe village

Making paper hahoe mask , rubbing of mask
Try if you want to make a mask with your own style!
  • 【Experience program】making paper mask, mask rubbing
  • 【Fee】Each 5,000won, 1,000won
  • 【Place】Hahoe mask museum
  • 【Operating hour】09:30~18:00
  • 【Holiday】Lunar New Year's Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day
  • 【Contact】(AFTF (82-54-856-3013)
    Sports & tourism Div (82-54-840-6395)
  • 【Homepage】, Eng)
  • 【Fee】
    Classification Individual Group(more than30)
    Adult 2,000won 1,500won
    Student 1,500won 1,000won
Making Hanji(Traditional paper) craft
There are two divisions of hanji art: two dimensional and three dimensional. Two-dimensional hanji art uses paper of various colors to create an image in a similar format as a painting, however the paper itself is folded and crumpled to make the image stick up from the paper it is adhered to, but the image itself is only a two-dimensional likeness, although there may be depth to some of the elements. Two-dimensional hanji art can be framed much like a painting. Three-dimensional hanji art is similar to paper mache, in that it can make sculptural objects that may stand unsupported. Also can make the mask as well. Also can make the mask as well.
  • 【Experience programme】Making Hanji(Traditional paper) craft
  • 【Fee】From 5,000won to 10,000won (Must book advance for the group more than 10)
  • 【Place】Andong Hanji craft museum
  • 【Holiday】Every Monday, Korean Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year's Day
  • 【Operating hour】10:00~18:00
  • 【Homepage】
  • 【Fee】Free
Carve the Korean totem pole

A Jangseung or village guardian is a Korean totem pole usually made of wood. Jangseungs were traditionally placed at the edges of villages to mark for village boundaries and frighten away demons. They were also worshipped as village tutelary deities.
  • Experience programme : Carve the Korean totem pole
  • Fee:Free
  • Place:Jangseung park in hahoe village
  • Holiday : All year round
  • Contact:82-16-501-5331(Kim jong heung)
  • Homepage: (Kor) 
The mask play of Hahoe Byeolsin Exorcism
The mask play of Hahoe Byeolsin Exorcism itself was classified as important intangible cultural asset #69 by the South Korean government on November 17, 1980. Hahoe and Byeolsin masks themselves were also labelled South Korean national treasure #121 at the same time. The Hahoe Maskdance is one of the folk dramas of Pungcheon Hahoe village in Andong-si, and dates from the Goryeo Dynasty.
  • About performance:Reward virtue and punish vice and satire
  • Fee:Free
  • Performance date: Every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday from 2pm to 3pm
  • Place:Entrance of hahoe village
  • Contact:82-54-856-3013(Eng)、840-6395(Chn)
  • Homepage: (Eng, Jap, Chn)