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City tour bus

Another thrill of Andong tourism, the City Tour bus!

This tour bus is operating for provid the visitors satisfaction and experience the actual destination to learn about the culture of andong.
Hahoe village areas
Andong Intercity Bus Terminal → Andong Hanji (Traditional paper) factory → Buyongdae → Byeongsanseowon(Traditional private academy) → Lunch (Village marketplaces) → Mask dance show → Hahoe village tour → Traditional paper factory
Traditional private academy
Andong Station → Wolyeonggyo (Bridge) walk → Outdoor Folk Museum → Lunch (Andong Daem food town) → Dosanseowon → Andong traditional cultural content Museums → Andong Station

▶ Time : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Andong Bus Terminal Departure)
▶Operation stutus : Once a day (Minimum booking from 6pax)
▶ Fare : 8,000 Won
▶Contacts : 0011-507-4859
▶ Homepage :