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Traditional market

Let's go to the traditional markets of Andong!

Andong traditional market vividly reflect the life of Andong citizens !
Andong has three traditional markets(permanent market) to show life style, custom and habits of local people. In traditional markets, local produced fruits, vegetables, seafood, agricultural and marine products and blankets, cushions, pillows, clothes, jewelry are being sold. Opening hours are generally 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. but slightly different according to the each market. Let's visit the traditional market to buy local product and experience the real life of Andong.
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Yongsangsijang (Market)

This market was originally market for trading cow and famous of beef soup but as growing of Yongsang populations it was formed as traditional market.
Sinsijang (New Market)

It is located across the Seongso hospital. Andong's major commercial district area was around the Gusijang(old market) with convenience traffic but as a promotion in 1962 Andong-eup to the Andong-si, this market was rapidly developed.
Gusijang (Old market)

Normally we called Gusijang from Tteokbokki alley to Jjimdak alley. Due to the nature of confucian culture city , traditional ceremony food such as octopus, sharks, and sacrifices which is related confusion ceremony was popular in this market. Andong department store has been established in the mid-1960s, so at that time stores in the market formed rapidly, then in 2006 the government's traditional market activation' policy was transformed into the current figure.