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Andong Icheon-dong Seokbulsang
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Icheondong Seokbulsang


Icheon-dong, Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



This Buddhist image’s head stands 2.43 meters tall, the entire statue is 12.38 meters high. These days, Jebiwon Temple has been built near the statue, so it has been dubbed “Jebiwan Seokbul(stone statue).” The large stone Buddha face has been put on the rock and the body has been carved into the rock. The statue is in the style of Goryeo (AD 918-1392) Dynasty, with distinctive contouring. This style of contouring on a rock indicates that the statue dates from the around the 11th Century.

It was designated National Treasure No. 115 on January 21, 1963.


Traverl TIP

The statue is very tall and is located on beside of the road. Please be careful if you are crossing the road to view the statue. It is best to view the statue from the opposite side of the road. If you take a taxi, please have the taxi stop, do some sightseeing, and then take the same taxi back. If you take a bus, there is no bus stop in front of the statue; you must raise your hand to stop the bus.


Local Transportation

By local city Bus : Across the street from the Andong Bus terminal, catch the #54 bus. It arrives every 25-30 minutes and the ride lasts 15 minutes. If you take a bus, there is no bus stop in front of the status; you must raise your hand to stop the bus.
By Taxi : Take a taxi from Andong Intercity Bus Terminal. It takes about 10 minutes.


Detailed info

Hours : 7days a week/ year-round
Admission fee : free
Telephone number : The N-Gyeongsang-do Tourist Information Office :+82-54-852-6800 (English, Chinese, Japanese)


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