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Sinse-dong Chilcheung Jeontap(Sinse-dong seven-story Brick Pagoda)
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Sinsedong Chilcheung Jeontap


8-1 Beobheung-Dong, Andong, N-Gyeonsang Province



Designated National Treasure No.16, this is Korea's oldest and largest stone pagoda.The pagoda measures 16.8 meters high with a width of 7.75 meters. The pagoda was originally built at Beopheungsa Temple during the eighth century of the United Silla Kingdom [654~935] and is the on ly remaining relic from the temple.The pagoda is presently located on the estate of the head house of the Goseong Lee family. The ornamental top portion of the pagoda has been totally lost, but the lower tiered portions are intact with beautiful carvings of Buddhist tutelary deity. Traces of tiled roof were found on each story of the tower. Historical records show that the tower was rebuilt in 1487 and that around the same period, three parts of the temple remained.


Local Transportation

- From Andong Intercity Bus Terminal, take local city bus No.3. Approximately a 10minutes ride. Bus comes every 40 minutes from 8:05 a.m. - 7:45 p.m.(There aren't many official bus stops, so tell the bus driver your desired destination when you board the bus.)Approximately a 5minutes taxi ride from Andong Station.- From Andong Station, walk towards Andong Daem for 20 minutes, you will then find Sinse-dong Chilcheung Jeontap (Sinse-dong seven-story Brick Pagoda).


Detail info


  • Hours: Open 24 hours, year-round
  • Admission: Free
  • Inquiries: N-Gyeongsang-do Tourist Information Office
  • Tel : +82-54-852-6800 (Kor/Eng/Chi/Jpn)
  • Website:



Travel Tips

Sinse-dong Chilcheung Jeontap (Sinsedong seven-story Brick Pagoda) is located near Goseong Lee head family estate as well as Andong Imcheonggak. Due to their close proximity, visiting all three on the same day is recommended. When traveling by bus or taxi, get off in front of Beopheung underground passage and pass through the passageway. The Pagoda is on the left-hand side. The Goseong Lee head family estate is across from the pagoda, while Andong Imcheonggak is just a 3 minute walk from there.

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