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Dongbu-dong Ocheung Jeontap(Dongbu-dong five-story Brick Pagoda)
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Dongbudong Ocheung JeontapAddress

231 Unheung-dong , Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



In Dongbu-dong, there is a 8.35 am (27 4/10 feets) high brick pagoda from the Unified Silla Kingdom Period (AD 654-935). Each brick is 27.5 cm (10 4/5 inches) long, 6 cm (2 1/3 inches) thick and 12.5 cm wide (4 9/10 inches). In the past, it was seven-story high. In 1598, during the Japanese Invasion of Korea, the top motif was destroyed and the structure was further damaged during the Korean War. The pagoda was repaired in 1962. Word of mouth states that the pagoda was located inside the old Beomnimsa Temple. The Dangganjiju, which is located 5 m west from the pagoda, supports this story, can see the small place to keep sculptures of the god on each floor.By looking at these with the tiled roof, it is possible to see what style was fashionable. On the second story from the southern viewpoint, on e can see the beautiful remnants of the In Wang-sang statue. It is conveniently located on the left side of an open space at the end of the parking lot at Andong Train Station.Designated National Treasure 56 on January 21, 1963.


Local Transportation

Facing your back to the Andong Station, it is located on the left side of an open space at the end of the parking lot at Andong Station.


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- Hours: 7 days a week, year-round
- Admission Fee: Free Inquiries Tourist Information Tel : +82-54-852-6800
- Website: (Kor/Eng/Chi/Jap)

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