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Andong Folk Village
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Andong Folk VillageAddress

Seonggok-dong, Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



The Andong Folk Village was originally a part of the Andong Folk Museum, which was submerged after the Andong Daem was built. The thatched and traditional houses were moved to its current location. At the current entrance of the folk village are two large totem poles with comical carvings of people's faces. Located next to the gate is a monument inscribed with the poem of famous Andong poet and democracy activist, Lee Yuksa(1904~1944). His most well-known piece of work 'Gwangya(wild plain)' is inscribed in the monument. A hill situated behind the monument leads to the filming location of the popular drama 'Taejo wanggeon', based on the life of King Taejo. Due to its historical roots, the Andong area has become a popular backdrop for television dramas. When King Taejo founded the Goryeo Dynasty (918~1392), the local village leaders and kim supported his leadership making his influence strong throughout the Andong region. Approximately 20 buildings of the Goryeo era are used in the drama 'Taejo Wanggeon', including government offices and private homes.


Local Transportation

- Local city bus: In front of Andong Station, take local city bus #3 headed towards Andong Daem. Then get off at Andong Folk Museum. The Folk village is located adjacent to the museum (approximately 15 minutes trip).
- Taxi: Approximately a 10 minutes taxi ride from Andong Station.


Detailed Info

Hours: Open 24 hours, year-round
Admission fee: free
Inquiries: N-Gyeongsang-do Tourism Information Office


Travel Tips

Located in the vicinity of the Andong Folk Village are the Andong Folk Museum, the filming location of 'Taejo Wanggeon' (Story of the first king of the Goryeo Dynasty that reigned from 918~943), Andong lake, and much more. These places are all located in easy walking distance from on e another.

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