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Goseong Lee Head Family Estate
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Goseong Lee Head Family Estate





9-2 Beopheung-dong, Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



Goseongissi Tapdongpa Jongtaek (Goseong Lee head family estate)is the head house in the family line of Goseong Lee noble family. The eldest grandson of the family is still living today. Constructed in 1685, this house has all of the beautiful features that are representative of Joseon architecture. After this period, additions to structures were added periodically. The pavilion was constructed in 1775. This site was the original spot of the Silla Dynasty's Beopheungsa Temple. National Treasure no. 16, Sinse-dong Chilcheung Jeontap(seven-story pagoda), is located in front of the house.


Local Transportation

- Local city bus: From in front of Andong Station, take local city bus #3 in the direction of Andong Daem(Andong Folk Village). This is approximately a 10minutes ride. Buses come every 40 minutes from 8:05 a.m. ~ 7:45 p.m.(There aren't many official bus stops, so tell the bus driver your desired destination when you board the bus.)- Taxi: Approximately a 5 minutes ride from Andong Station. (Base fare)


Detailed info

- Hours: open 24 hours, year round
- Admission fee: free- Inquiries: N
-Gyeongsang-do Tourist Information Office


Travel Tips

The Goseong Lee head family estate is located near the Sinse-dong Chilcheung Jeontap(seven-story pagoda) and Andong Imcheonggak, so it's a good idea to include them in your plan for the day.When traveling by bus or taxi, get off in front of Beobheung underground passage. After passing through the tunnel, Sinse-dong Chilcheung Jeontap (seven-story pagoda) will be visible to your left and the Goseong Lee head family estate will be directly in front of you. Andong Imcheonggak is approximately a 3minutes walk from this point.

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