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Imcheonggak Pavillion
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20 Beopheung-dong, Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



The Imcheonggak Pavilion was built as home during the Joseon Dynasty [1392-1919] because of on e aristocratic family's love for the scenic beauty of the area. The most famous structure on this property is the annexed pavilion. Imcheonggak is designated Treasure No.182. Thankfully this structure was untouched during the Japanese Invasion taking place from 1592~1598.
An autograph of the famous Confucius scholar, Lee Hwang [1501~1570], can be found hanging outside the pavilion.


Local Transportation

- Local city bus : From Andong Intercity bus Terminal, take local city bus No.3. The bus comes approximately every 40 minutes.
(There are not many official bus stops, so tell the bus driver your desired destination when you board the bus. Additionally, after exiting the bus, pass through the Beobheung underground passage.)
- Taxi : From Andong Station, the ride will take approximately 5 minutes.


Detailed Info

- Hours: open 24 hours, year round
- Admission Fee: Free
- Inquiries: Tourist Information Office Tel : +82-54-852-6800 (Kor/Eng/Chi/Jap)
- Website: (Kor/Eng/Chi/Jap)





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