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Bongjeongsa Temple
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Bongjeongsa Temple

Bongjeongsa Temple(Taejang- ri, Seohu-myeon, Andong-si)

In the 12th year of the reign of King Munmu of the Shilla Dynasty(672), Monk Uisang flew a paper Chinese phoenix to the sky from Buseoksa Temple there is a legend that the temple was constructed on the site where this paper Chinese phoenix was placed, and was called Bongjeongsa Temple. It contains many cultural properties such as Geukrakjeon, the oldest wooden building in Korea, and Daeungjeon, Hwaeomgangdang and Gogeumdang constructed during the Joseon Dynasty, an important material for architectural research. Also here is a three-story pagoda, Deokhwiru and Yosachae, and several small Buddhist temples such as Yeungsanam and Chijoam.

Geukrakjeon(National Treasure No.15)
This is the oldest wooden building in Korea, and is famous for its firm pillars and simple interior furnishings.
 Daeungjeon(Treasure No.55)
This main temple hall is a representative building of the early Joseon Dynasty, showing simple, modest and firm building techniques.


This small temple, attached to Bongjongsa Temple, is located at the foot of a mountain stading at the back of Bongjeongsa Temple. It was made famous by the film 'Why has Buddist-dharma left for the east?"

Cheondung Cave
This cave is located under a big rock on Mt. Cheongdung. There is a legend that " A light came down from the sky with Saint Neungin."


Gaemoksa Temple(Taejang-ri, Seohu-myeon, Andong-si)

There is a legend that this was originally called Heungguksa Temple. In Andong, there were extremely large number of blind people. When its name was changed to Gaemok(opening eyes)Temple, blind people reportedly had their sight restored here.

Gwangheungsa Temple(Japub-ri, Seohu-myeon, Andong-si)

This temple, constructed by Monk Uisang, was on ce the largest temple in Andong. Nowadays, there is on ly Buddha to worship at Eunggingak, which was an additional temple to Gwanghungsa.

Yongdamsa Temple(Geumgok-ri, Gilan-myeon, Andong-si)
This temple, constructed by Monk Uisang during the reign of King Shinmun of the Shilla Dynasty, is located at the foot of Mt. Hwangak. Attached to it is Keumjeongam(cultural material No.317)

Bonghwangsa Temple(Seokgok-ri, Imdong-myeon, Andong-si)
This is the largest temple in eastern Andong. There is a legend that its colors were painted by a Chinese Phoenix.
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