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Dosan Confucian School
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680 Toegye-ri, Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



Dosan Confucian School was established in 1574 (7th year under the reign of King Seonjo), by the disciples and others who cherished their memories of the premier Lee Hwang.

Dosan Lecture Hall was an academy where Toegye Lee Hwang taught his students and concentrated on his academic studies. In 1574 (the 7th year under the reign of King Seonjo (1567~1608)) of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910), Confucian scholars and other literati established a shrine called Sangdeoksa. In 1969, it was designated as a National Treasure No.170. After placing the mortuary and performing the sacrificial rites, they finished the Lecture Hall by building Jeongyodang (National Treasure No.210) and the West and East Wings (where scholars could study). When the Lecture Hall was finished King Seonjo bestowed the sign.

When you enter the main entrance there is Dosan Lecture Hall on the right. The structure of the building is simple with the square pillars and simple structures of the girders inserted in the crosspieces. If you go up behind the Lecture Hall and pass the Jindo Gate, there is Gwangmyeongsil where books are kept. You can also find the main building Jeongyodang and the West and East Wings.

Behing Jeongyodang there is Sangdeoksa and there is Jangpangak, a tree to print the ‘Dosan 12 Songs’. Okjingak, which was rebuilt in 1970, is now an exhibit building for the relics of Toegye such as his stationary, furniture, his favorite books etc.


Local Transportation

From Andong Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No.67 bound for Dosanseowon (30minutes ride, Bus comes 4times a day)A 25-30 minutes taxi ride from Andong Bus Terminal.


Detailed Info

Inqyiries Dosanseowon Office Tel : +82-54-856-1073 (Kor, Eng, Jpn)
Hours : 9:00-18:00(Summer), 9:00-17:00(Winter)


admission fee
Age over 19 13-18 7-12
Individual 1,500won 700won 600won
Groups (over 30 persons) 1,300won 600won 500won

* Group are applicable to over 30 persons
** Over 65 &Under 6 : free








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