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Jirye Art Village
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769 Bakgok-ri, Imdong-myeon, Andong-si, N-Gyeongsang-do



Jirye Artists' Colony is a great place to have a unique experience of Korea. Every month there are events such as making rice cake or Kimchi and you can stay in traditional Korean houses.Jirye Artists' Colony is a village with Jisanseodang(elementary school, Cultural Asset No.49), Jichonjongtaek(Head family house, Cultural Asset No.44), and Jichonjecheong(Shrine, Cultural Asset No.46), which were moved from the Imha Daem area because of the possibility of being flooded.Jisanseodang was established in 1800, the 24th year under the reign of King Jeongjo (reign 1752~1800) in remembrance of the achievements of Kim Bang-Geol, as a place for the future generations to study in. Jichonjongtaek is the head house of Kim Banggeol's Family. Established in 1712 at his own request, Jichonjecheong was a shrine where a ancestor worship were held, which has been used as an auditorium.Beyond the tile-roofed houses, low mountains surround Jirye Artists' Colony, and there is a lake down from the village. If you pass a tall gate there is a large square and straight ahead is the main building, the schoolhouse on the right and a shrine on the left hill.Although the village is 350years old, there are houses with rooms that are heated with wood. Because the village has preserved the old customs with small details, it is a great place to experience and understand Korean traditional culture.Jirye Artists' Colony is a cultural inquiry spot for foreigners, a creative space for the artists to work, and is also used as a conference space. It is also used as a traditional life study site and as Confucianism institute.


Local Transportation

From a bus stop which is located in front of Andong Station, take bus No.11 headed for Imdong. (takes 20 minutes.) If you choose to go to by taxi, a ride will take approximately 20-30 minutes from Imdong to Jirye Art Village.

When you reserve accommodation at Jirye Art Village, pick up service is available at Andong Station or Andong Terminal.


Detailed info

- Inquiries Tel : +82-54-822-2590 (Kor)
- Website (Kor/Eng/Jap)
- Admission Fee: Admission is free but lodging fees are as the follows :
Lodging (Traditional House) 1 person : 20,000 won / Meals (Traditional Korean Meal) : 7,000 won

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